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okay so recently my bf has licked my ass while were in a 69 and at first I was like ummm what are you doing. But as he did it more it started to feel really good and I got really turned on and I must admit I like it. Anyway he has done it to me like four or five times and he's been asking me to return the favor. My husband likes his bum licked, is this normal? - relationship advice Blanche. Age: 21. Hey there! I am Kelly, a 25 year old Miami native and current college student Girls asses are usually not hairy, and clean, so if a guy has a problem licking a pretty booty they do need to man up. My ass was smooth as ivory. Dec 3, - "Nice Girl In The City" sent me a long list of random questions that I answered to the best of my abilities in an epic SLLOTD last week. Today I got an epic email Here's the question: 4. A question about ass-play: I think my partner might want it, and I am a little skeeved out by the idea of licking his asshole. Harmony. Age: 22. If You are gentleman looking for something really special and a little different, some adventure and eroticism to help you forget your everyday stress, than here I am here for you! /adv/ Advice Oct 24, - I decided that ass licking is the number one worst thing that can happen in bed. So, you can imagine how taken aback I was when I found MY tongue on someone's asshole. I was blowing my boyfriend and he asked me to lick his asshole. I shrugged and stuck my tongue in there. Liked it, too. I take it back. Apr 2, - Boyfriend wants me to lick his asshole, please convince me that isn't the most disgusting thing ever. Seriously, the thought of it makes me gag. How do you do this safely? Is it going to taste like anything? He really wants it, he's done things he doesn't like for me, so it's only fair I do this. I'd appreciate any.

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Elvira. Age: 30. I am funny spontaneous and hot So about 8 months ago I starting dating a new guy who enjoys sex as much as I. He loves me to suck his dick & I never tell him no. I suck Then I spread his cheeks open and slowly lick his asshole. Then when he wanna cum, I let him chum wherever he wants, on my face, ass, breast, pussy, or whatever. Two nights ago, my boyfriend and I smoked pot (which by the way, it is something I'm not really used to doing) So after a few laughs and giggles, I asked him if he wanted to have sex while being high because I wanted to know how it feels. He was def. up for me. He told me he was going to quickly hop in. Jan 29, - People like what they like, there is no 'normal'. If he enjoys it and you have no problem with doing it then who the fuck cares? What goes on behind closed doors is your business. >> Anonymous No I meant, is it common amongst guys to want this? Also one more thing - He.


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