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Jan 15, - Varsity Blues didn’t really break any new ground, there had certainly been movies about high school football before it(All The Right Moves, Wildcats). The movie provided Paul Walker’s springboard and gave James Van Der Beek his most successful film role to date. Ali Larter in whipped cream from Varsity Blues | NSFW Celebrity Clips Delta. Age: 23. Hi, i am ubia. I am 26 years old and friendly, hot and funny girl from czech republic/ Soon after, a construction worker found the capsule and got in contact with Alan Alda to ask what he should do with it. The move brings unexpected dividends for him, one of them being Darcy Sears Ali Larter , Lance's cheerleader girlfriend, who is interested in marrying a football player in order to escape small-town life. Watch the Ali Larter in whipped cream from Varsity Blues new trailer and view all clips & previous trailers. Simony. Age: 28. Hot kisses from muriel ! Let’s Look Back Fondly On ‘Varsity Blues’, Which Turns 15 Years Old Today Jan 15, - As we look back on the high school football drama, Ron Lester (who played Billy Bob, the offensive guard with a heart of gold) shares a few tidbits you may “When I spoofed myself in Not Another Teen Movie and Chris [Evans] ends up doing that same whipped cream bikini, it totally just ruined it for me. Oct 20, - “We wanted to be on the set so bad," Lester admitted of the famous Darcy Sears (Ali Larter) whipped cream bikini scene. "Later on, we found out it was shaving cream being that whipped cream melts." It was Larter's feature film debut.

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Miah. Age: 30. I love clubs, dancing, lap dancing and I am a perfect party bunny Mar 26, - Lester Cohen/ Amy Smart and Ali Larter. After meeting as models in Italy, the duo “became instant friends,” Larter has said. After Smart convinced Larter to pursue acting, they moved into an L.A. pad and landed roles in the teen flick Varsity Blues. The rest is whipped cream bikini history. Although the character Billy Bob was supposed to be an 18 year old high school senior, Ron Lester who portrayed Billy Bob was actually 28 years old at the time The scene in which Ali Larter appears basically naked but for the "whipped cream bikini" is generally regarded as the film's most iconic scene and possibly the. He is faced with some pretty strong temptations, too, including a girl dressed only in a whipped cream bikini, a car full of naked women, and an all-night party at a strip The other performers, including Amy Smart as Mox's girlfriend, Ali Larter as a blond bombshell, and Ron Lester as the overweight Billy Bob, are on Van Der.


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