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Feb 20, - My drunk wife is great in bed. My sober wife doesn't want to be touched and just wants the deed done as quickly as possible. I enjoy sex with my intoxicated wife, but I don't love that she needs to be several sheets to the wind to get in between the sheets. She's consistent in saying it's not about me, it's her. I now regret the thrill of letting my wife bed another fella – The Sun Kitana. Age: 23. i am young ukrainian girl, speak perfect english. I am studying full time in kiev and am extremely well spoken, with a very warm and engaging personality. But, by then, the couple is so knitted together in other ways, such as the love of children, shared experiences and deep friendship, that their sex lives no longer take priority in their lives. Then turn on the romance big-time and show your wife you love her too much to ever share her. Apr 28, - talking to someone about something. She has developed interests in anything that isn't me. Romance and sex are long gone and she claims she has lost all interest in ever being “that woman” again. She doesn't need that anymore. Space. She just wants space. She's left me but still sleeps in my bed.”. Candace. Age: 20. Bonjour,je suis une belle femme blonde douce, sexy avec belles formes conforme aux photos 100%reeal lingerie tres sexy dans mon apartement prive tres prope,possibilite de douche Help! My Wife Will Only Have Sex With Me When She’s Drunk. Sep 1, - More recently, however, my wife has become less and less interested in sex and now only seems to be able to make love when she's drunk. But when this Step back, let her relax, no pressure, just spend time together when she does not feel under an obligation to perform in the bedroom. It does not. May 18, - I avoid sex with her because, although she is the most beautiful woman I've ever met, I don't find her sexually attractive. My wife is boring in bed. I avoid sex with her I can assure you that the woman you married is a real-life, sexually wired being – if only you could see it and allow her to be who she is.

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Alana. Age: 27. When I let my inhibitions run free Aug 31, - I FANTASISE about my wife having sex with another man while I watch but I'm worried she is going to cheat behind my back. I'm 31 and my I kept suggesting we invite my friend round one evening when I was there but she said she didn't want to sleep with him and didn't want him to come round. But I've. Jan 31, - I now regret the thrill of letting my wife bed another fella. Read Deidre's I THOUGHT it would be a real turn-on for me if my wife had sex with another man. She agreed to I spoke to my wife about it and she just said this took place years ago and they sent messages to each other when they weren't busy. Jun 5, - We have been married for over 15 years and I love her – but I cannot figure out the sex thing with her. I have tried everything. She is way too conservative and she has turned me into a premature ejaculator. So here we go: Routine. She only wants it one way. We go downstairs to the spare bedroom (we.


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