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They are fluid-filled masses, often painless, and they grow near the testicles. They tend to be benign (not cancerous). These cysts are found near the top and behind the testicle, but are separate from the testicle. They can be smooth, filled with a whitish, cloudy fluid, and most often hold sperm. Their size can vary. If their size. Epididymal Cyst | What is an epididymal cyst? | Patient Angel. Age: 19. Super Friendly and Super Hot bisexual available for 3-somes with other couples, or 3-somes in which I bring one of my girl-friends Signs and symptoms might include:. Nov 23, - An epididymal cyst is a fluid-filled sac which grows at the top end of the testicle. They are quite An epididymal cyst is a harmless little fluid-filled growth on a man's testicle (testis). They are Spermatocele: this is a cyst which feels like an epididymal cyst but it is filled with sperm (semen). Inflammation:  ‎What is an epididymal cyst? · ‎What else could it be? Simone. Age: 21. +33755400417, Jolie Scrotal Lumps, Pain and Swelling Spermatocele is a term used to describe a cyst which forms on the epididymis. The male anatomy is shown in the picture. The scrotum, or sac, contains a testicle on each side. The testicle has two functions. It makes testosterone, the male hormone, which is absorbed into the blood stream. It also makes sperm which travels. Dec 28, - The scrotum is a loose bag of skin which hangs behind the penis in men and boys. Inside it are the two The sperm passes along ducts in the testes to a tube called the epididymis where it is stored. Sperm then A spermatocele is a cyst which feels like an epididymal cyst but it is filled with sperm (semen).

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Ivy. Age: 30. Hi boys Spermatocele: A spermatocele, also known as a spermatic or epididymal cyst, is typically a painless, noncancerous (benign) fluid filled cyst that is a sack of fluid arising from the epididymis. It usually sits near the top and/or behind the testicle, but appears separate from the testis. Spermatoceles can block sperm from exiting. Feb 7, - A spermatocele (SPUR-muh-toe-seel) is an abnormal sac (cyst) that develops in the epididymis — the small, coiled tube located on the upper testicle that collects and transports sperm. Noncancerous and generally painless, a spermatocele usually is filled with milky or clear fluid that might contain sperm. Jan 5, - The scrotum contains the testicles and related structures that produce, store and transport sperm and male sex hormones. Scrotal Also known as a spermatic cyst or epididymal cyst, spermatocele is a typically painless, noncancerous (benign), fluid-filled sac in the scrotum, usually above the testicle.


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