Glucose test strip expiration

Glucose test strips are expensive. Are you wasting money if you throw away expired strips? Are they still accurate if you use them after they have expired? These are important questions to ask if you cannot afford new test strips, or want to use old ones. Furthermore, you may have too many and want to sell diabetic test strips. Are Expired Diabetic Test Strips OK to use? – Grace Healthcare Grace. Age: 19. I'm looking forward to meeting you soon, very soon!! Instead, by spending money on medication, you can earn savings on other items throughout the store. May 6, - Using expired test strips can save you a lot of money, but are they accurate? This is an important question for diabetics who can not afford new test strips or for those who want to know their old test strips are still safe. We tested several brands of test strips that had been expired between 1 and 5 years and. Ilaria. Age: 30. *My name is Brigitte Ask D'Mine: How Expired Can the Milk Be? Sep 25, - Diabetic Test Strips One of the biggest debates concerning diabetic test strips has always centered on the use of test strips beyond the expiration date. A Diabetic test strip, like the Nipro TRUEtest Glucose test strips, consists of a coating on the top layer in order to protect and seal the components and. Feb 28, - As I mentioned, I've been searching for an article on pharmaceutical expiration dates for a week. But finding an objective piece in a sea of editorials (including my own posts on the subject) was very frustrating. This morning, I stumbled onto an article titled Do Medications Really Expire? It's from a

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Kathia. Age: 26. Kisses mandy We compared OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips that were 7 months past the expiration date to current. Oct 19, - That's the problem with expiration dates. You just never know. They may continue to work for another year, or they may poop out soon. Do you have a lot left? If there are not too many left and your numbers are about what you expect, then I would just use them up. How often do you test? Sorry I can't be  Expired Test Strips - Page 2.


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