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Jul 5, - It's a lazy Sunday afternoon. My husband is watching TV and I am bored, so I decide to go upstairs to our bedroom to take a nap. It's only about fifteen minutes after I come up that I feel a slap on my ass. I hadn't seen or heard him come up or enter the room since I had my back to the door. Startled, I give a. spanking your wife | Domestic submission Alyssa. Age: 30. Are you a repectful, distinguished, generous and a courteous person more then 35 years old? Are you looking for company to break the routine of a stressfull week or for any other reason? Are you a couple looking to experiment or spice up? She dressed with care, putting on a white top ending at her pretty waist; navy blue plain matt stockings and a navy blue suspender belt. A walk in the woods ends badly for a wilful young wife. A husband fulfills his wife's desire to be spanked. Wife is taught a lesson. and other exciting erotic at! Penny. Age: 27. Sweet as heaven Afternoon Discipline Husband and wife enjoy evening of submission. Elizabeth gets more than a husband in a contractual marriage. Newly dominant Adam takes his wife out for dinner. A loving wife learns to serve without question. and other exciting erotic at! A new day begins in our FLM. Frustrated wife gives husband an ultimatum, leave or FLM. A woman receives punishment from her loving man. Men take back your RIGHTFUL place as Head of Household. Submissive learns lesson and receives anal correction. and other exciting erotic at!

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Jezabel. Age: 29. 1h140e+ taxi "Tell me a story, Grandma, about the town where you grew up, and the people who lived there? What was it like in There, the man would put his new wife over his knee and spank her bare bottom. But she wasn't taken to the Public Square, her husband believed these things should be taken care of in private. He didn't. A WIFE'S FIRST SPANKING! Tara and her husband Joe had been having a lot of marriage problems lately. It seemed they were both at power play with each other, Joe being the Dominant type and Tara being a very feisty, strong headed female. In today's society, it was difficult for a woman to let a man be in control. Feb 22, - The thirty-year anniversary was approaching of when she received a devastating caning at the hands of her husband. At the time he had been furious and their marriage had very nearly ended, and this is story of what happened almost thirty years previously. (more) Posted in Domestic Spanking Stories.


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