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When we “invite” a lover to mingle his or her energy with ours, all sorts of things can happen. At the positive end of the spectrum, we can actually heal others (or be healed by them) via sexual interaction. In your case, if you had sex with someone who had a lower vibration than yours, with the right approach you may raise. Sex and Energy…So Important!!! – Shamanic Consulting and Training Monica. Age: 25. So irrestiable When your emotional energy is blocked, it creates congestion and back-up throughout your spiritual energy system. Nov 10, - When you exchange sexual energy with someone, his or her energy affects you very deeply, manifesting thoughts and feelings that often bond you to that person. Your energy system then begins to attract lower vibrations which are also unhealthy for you and others. In modern culture, we expect people. Denisa. Age: 29. I am an international high class escort, Playmate and ex-porn star, very sweet, articulate, elegant and a great company Sex and Energy…So Important!!! Jun 12, - Sexual Energy is powerful it is the energy of creation & manifestation this knowledge is the most valuable to have in this existence in any existence for that matter. When I learned about the Chakras and Meridians in my body it made all of the difference in the world, knowing how your body functions inside. Mar 11, - Spiritual Hierarchy of Sex and vibration for awakening. Breathing in harmony, symmetry, and order, during sex creates a synergy of coexperienced emotional energy that bonds the two in The ONE. It's only when we become free from the mind and the ego ceases, that can we attain a high vibration.

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Noelle. Age: 30. I feel comfortable in elegant dress, casual clothes, and everything in between. Am kind, purposeful, gentle, romantic and cheerful. Feb 24, - First of all, sexuality is a huge part of our human/spirtual BEING. Sexual energy is POWERFUL, and for me an orgasm is the closest thing I can describe to the feeling of union with our God Self. When all of our chakras are purified enough for divine energy to flow through each one of them, our crown chakra. Dec 7, - The problem is that these energies are not being filtered by our free will. In other words, at this vibration you are open to anything that wants to come into your field and this corresponds to the level of the vibrations of lust. Hint: This type of sex is usually surrounded by potential abuses, addictions and. Mar 25, - Are you ready to know how you can harness your own sexual energy to massively increase your vibration and live a fuller, happier life with more strength, energy and confidence. It is time to stop malevolent 4th and 5th density forces, that control our governments and have massive influence over humanity.


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