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Apr 10, - I've always felt that if I could change one thing about myself, I'd have a bigger bladder installed. My main reason would be because of driving — I hate having to stop to pee while driving. So, the idea of being able to drive and pee without using to diapers — popular among jealous astronauts — has long. Stuck In Holiday Traffic? Creative Ways To Pee In A Car While Driving Zoey. Age: 26. Lets have some fun!! Make sure you get a nice seal between your junk and the bottle. How to pee while driving. Lucinda. Age: 21. Hey I'm Tina! 3 Reasons To Keep a Female Portable Pee Urinal in Your Car I frequently have to drive across state or just a few hours north. Now, I drink quite a bit ofd coffee normally, but on long drives I tend to drink even more cause its "something to do" during the drive. But, stopping to pee, by the time you add in time lost for finding an exit, getting off the freeway, finding a. Jump to Peeing Inside the Vehicle - Bring a urination device. Before you pack and leave for your automobile trip, buy a urination device to take with you. A disposable urinal is the best option because they are the easiest to use. If you have not used one before if might be a good idea to buy a few different types and.

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Leony. Age: 23. funn outgoing humble girl, i just have a veryyy freaky side that needs handling Jan 13, - The problem is normally very manageable whilst at home, and I am pretty much pain free. The problem arises when I have to drive as within of starting my journey I get an overwhelming urge to urinate. It feels like all the muscles are clenching in order not to pee and its extremely uncomfortable. Jan 1, - Not sure if I have a small or overactive bladder but one thing I hate about the job is having to stop to pee while driving which I have to do every few Uber driver PEES in cup while doing a ride. The state workers do not like this if you later toss the bottle out the window. Say you have a 2 liter Mt. Dew bottle. You empty it, and a couple states later you have refilled it. You secure the cap and toss it out the window into the median. Next summer, a road worker is driving along in one of the heavy duty.


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